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During 2018, the ARA Hotel teams and the Communication/Human Resources department worked with SATO INTERIM to produce a series of “Job presentation” & “Tuto gestures” videos.

SATO is a professional integration group in Brittany supporting women and men who, at the turn of life, have found themselves far from the world of work. A mission and values that go hand in hand with those of ARA Hôtel Landerneau, committed since 2015 to the professional integration and training of people with disabilities.

The partnership on the creation of video content benefits everyone:

  • It allows SATO INTERIM to show its candidates the jobs carried out at ARA Hôtel to determine whether they are able to apply for the job offer;
  • It allows the ARA Hotel to train its newcomers in the professions presented, and to remind them of the right actions to perform on specific tasks.

The reflection carried out on these new supports made it possible to set up real collaborative work. Communicate, exchange, share... this collective intelligence has also made it possible to move forward more quickly and to better involve each employee in this project. Everyone was able to take stock of their job, their missions and the good actions of everyday life in order to best convey them in the image.


Find the 7 videos below:

Versatile team member job:

Receptionist job:

Job of floor attendant:

Tutorial: Carry out a customer departure:

Tutorial: Change a beer keg:

Tutorial: Make a bed:

Tutorial: Receive a kitchen delivery: