End of plastic bottles at ARA

Since its opening in 2015, our establishment in Landerneau has continued to implement actions in favor of the environment.

An ecological hotel with the European Ecolabel, product sourcing, an anti-waste approach, recycling, composting, local and organic purchases, awareness of eco-gestures... rewarded on several occasions, including "jury's favorite" of the Sustainable Development Trophies.

The objective for Solène LAGATHU, manager of the establishment: “Succeed in going further while maintaining the same quality of service and the same level of comfort for customers”. This has been achieved with the elimination of plastic water bottles in the room.

In place? Eco-designed French water bottles, assembled in ESAT, easily cleanable and customizable! To fill them, there are self-service micro-filtered water fountains in the hotel, also available in the restaurant. An easy-to-implement idea to accentuate our commitments.